Sangguniang Kabataan Chairpersons and other youth leaders joined Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo in discussing the concept and tedious legal process of the proposed 174-hectare Smart City Project including their concerns on its impact to the environment along with the need to ensure sustainable economic growth that will provide jobs now and in the future.
Saturday’s consultation and information drive initiated by the executive department is separate to the public hearing/consultation on the proposed project by the City Council at the proper time and forum.
Mayor Remollo appealed to the young leaders to keep an open mind and engage their fellow youths, in their respective communities, in robust discussions on the merits or demerits of the proposed project to help them make an informed decision based on science, facts, laws and the need to provide our people, the opportunity to chart their own destiny and build a more progressive future while maintaining a healthy environment.
All the concerns raised by the participants on behalf of their constituencies, including in the previous consultations, will submitted to the national agencies that will review and ultimately approve or disapprove the proposed Smart City Project.
Mayor Remollo said that the concerns of the youth and other sectors should be appropriately addressed by the project proponent at the proper time and that he will not allow the project to proceed if all legal requirements are not complied with and if it puts the best interests of the people of Dumaguete City and the environment in jeopardy.