Leaders of the different sectoral organizations in the city participated in yesterday’s consultation and information drive on the proposed 174-hectare Smart City Project by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to discuss the concept and tedious process that this undertaking will have to go through before it will be given the green light by the Philippine Reclamation Authority and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
There will be a separate series of public hearing/consultation by the City Council when the proposed PPP contract of the project will be submitted for deliberations at the proper time and forum.
Among the participants were leaders of ambulant vendors, tricycle driver’s associations, massage therapists, youth organizations and representatives of other informal sector groups, who fielded questions and comments about the project.
Mayor Remollo said that the proposed project will try to balance the need to protect the environment and promote sustainable economic growth for the future generations of the city.
If the proposed Smart City Project will be realized after years of review, compliance and implementation, more jobs will be made available to the local workers and provide additional revenues to the City Government through taxes and share in the incomes from ancillary businesses that can be used to fund additional assistance for education, health, social benefits and infrastructure projects.
Nevertheless, if the proposed Smart City Project will not be approved by the DENR and PRA then it will not push through.
Mayor Remollo welcomes all comments and suggestions for and against the project to be addressed by the private company as the series of information drive and public consultation will be done in batches to comply with the health protocols.