The 30 Punong Barangays have been encouraged to continue the conduct of public consultations and information drive in their own communities on the proposed 174-hectare Smart City Project to facilitate the dissemination of facts and address the concerns of the people so they will be able to make an informed decision on the matter.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo said there is a need to share the relevant and accurate information to the citizens about the project and that economic progress and the need to mitigate impacts to the environment is possible to attain sustainable growth.
If fully realized, the Smart City Project is expected to provide more economic opportunities and sustainable jobs for the present and future generations of graduates as well as increase the revenues of the local government so that additional basic social services in health, education, and financial assistance will be provided to the citizens including funds for infrastructure projects.
The public consultation and information drive of the executive department will feature a series of forums and meetings with different batches of stakeholders and actual residents of the barangays (including coastal villages).
And in keeping with the health protocols, large gatherings are prohibited thus the public consultations will be conducted in batches based on the seating capacity of the venue and to facilitate direct interaction.
A separate series of public consultations will also be undertaken by the City Council as a requirement for the passage of the specific PPP ordinance of said project once it is submitted for deliberations.