City Legal Officer Manuel Arbon defends the legality of the process being followed for the proposed 174-hectare Smart City Project and stressed that reclamation is legal and allowed by our laws.
If completed, the Smart City Project is expected to provide more economic opportunities and sustainable jobs for the present and future generations of graduates as well as increase the revenues of the local government so that additional basic social services in health, education, and financial assistance will be provided to the citizens including funds for infrastructure projects.
And as pointed out in the past, public consultations will be conducted so that all the inputs and concerns of the stakeholders on the environmental and economic impacts of the project will be addressed by the proponents and concerned government agencies.
Meanwhile, Atty. Arbon also appealed for a respectful and civil discourse on the proposed project and to avoid the unfortunate name-calling, which does not reflect the true character of the City of Gentle People.