Summary of the Proposed PROJECT:
This is an offshore reclamation which will be at least 30 meters away from the present Dumaguete coastline, which remains to be navigable between the present coastline and the offshore reclamation and every 2 km within the reclaimed area. There will be no structures fronting the Rizal Boulevard, pier Area and Silliman beach.
2) Project cost — P 23 billion to be shouldered SOLELY by project proponent. (Zero expense on the part of the City)
3) The project will be at least 30 meters away or separate from the coastline. You need a bridge to reach the island. Thus, protecting the present coastline from gradual erosion due to the natural movement of the waves.
4) The gaps within the islands and between the present coastline will be navigable and a natural harbor for bancas and small boats.
5) The view from the present Rizal Boulevard, Pier Area and Silliman beach will not be obstructed.
6) The City and National Governments will own 51% of total land area generated by way of reclamation. The City will have 25% share in the ancillary businesses that the developer will put up like yacht club, terminal, market , parking, malls, etc.
7) The city will earn tremendous revenues from business taxes, real property taxes from locators to support its social-economic and infrastructure programs such as mass housing, free hospitalization, food and utilities subsidy;
8. This project is a permanent and sustainable solution to our perennial problems of unemployment, brain drain/migration of workers etc.
9) Upgrade city classification from 3rd Class to Highly Urbanized City.
10) The height restrictions of buildings in reclaimed area would still be governed by the city’s Building Code and CAAP regulations.
11) The plan has to undergo strict scrutiny, review, and approval by Philippine Reclamation Authority and the DENR.
12. Construction of 2 waste water treatment facilities complete with a Sewage Treatment Plant, Diversion Piping System Lift Station and Hybrid Solar Wind Power Station.
13) There will be public consultations as soon as the detailed engineering design, HYDRODYNAMIC MODELLING, GEOGRAPHIC INVESTIGATION and other supporting documents for AREA CLEARANCE, EIA and ECC are ready for submission to concerned government agencies.
14) The City Government will make sure the concerns of all stakeholders are submitted to PRA and DENR to be addressed by project proponent.