City Executive Assistant for Security Concerns retired General Rey Lyndon Lawas and City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla led 2 inspection teams in evaluating the compliance of food establishments to the health protocols against COVID-19.
Those establishments found in compliance to the minimum public health standards will be granted with a Safety Seal that integrates digital contact tracing and increase consumer confidence for the gradual and safe reopening of the economy.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo earlier created the City Inspection and Certificate Committee to inspect the private and public establishments, to issue and or revoke the Safety Seal.
Dr. Talla said that establishments will be given a deadline to comply with the requirements for Safety Seal.
To be granted the Safety Seal, a public or private establishment must provide thermal scanners, health declaration sheets, QR Codes for, isolation area for identified symptomatic employees, BHERTs and other COVID-19 emergency hotlines are displayed in conspicuous area, handwashing stations with soap, sanitizers and hand drying equipment, installed physical barriers, personnel-in-charge for monitoring and maintaining of social distancing, windows for adequate air exchange, compliance to the disinfection protocol, conduct of regular cleaning and disinfection of establishment, constant wearing of face masks, presence of designated safety officer and storage facility for proper collection of infectious wastes.