Some 50 more job order workers were appointed to casual plantilla positions by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo from the various offices of the City Government effective July 1, 2021.
Mayor Remollo approved their casual appointments in recognition of their years in service, qualifications and favorable recommendation of their heads of office.
This is the 2nd batch of JO workers appointed to casual plantilla positions as facilitated by City Human Resource Management Office with the 3rd batch of casual appointments to be finalized and made effective by October 1, 2021.
It is estimated that by the 3rd quarter of this year a total of 148 Job Order workers shall have been appointed as casuals by Mayor Remollo who will be eligible to receive benefits and allowances like regular employees.
Assistant City Administrator and City Human Resource Management Officer, Dr. Dinno T. Depositario said that Under the “Piece of the Pie” program of the Remollo administration to professionalize the service, all department and division heads are empowered to recommend who among their respective personnel could be appointed to casual plantilla positions based on their track record of performance, length of service and CS Professional eligibility.
Dr. Depositario urges city government employees who have no Civil Service professional eligibility to take the examinations so that when they pass they will have a chance to be appointed to casual plantilla and regular positions provided they meet all the other requirements.