The Batinguel-Bagacay Bridge (near BIR) is now fully open to vehicles as the concreting of the road leading to Barangay Junob has been completed last weekend.
Except for the railings, the Batinguel-Bagacay Bridge, a priority project of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo is almost completed along with the other full span concrete bridge in Colon Street at the back of Foundation University.
Mayor Remollo said that both bridges are fully funded by the City Government to provide alternative routes for motorists that will help reduce traffic congestion in the downtown area.
The 2 concrete bridges, which replaced the spillways and culverts, will also afford motorists and pedestrians safer and convenient travel, even during inclement weather, as flood water is no longer expected to inundate the structures and the homes along the banks of Banica River thereby protecting the lives and properties of the residents.