The City Health Office would welcome private doctors and nurses who would be willing to volunteer in the various vaccination sites so that more eligible residents will be inoculated from COVID-19 on a daily basis.
CHO is currently vaccinating A2 senior citizens and A3 persons with comorbidities, who have registered both online and through their barangays in two vaccination posts.
More vaccination posts will be opened soon in addition to the venues already operating.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo will be appealing directly to the national government for more COVID-19 vaccines slated to arrive in the coming days.
Each vaccination team assigned in the post shall have a physician, nurse or midwife who will be in charge of screening and assessment; one allied professional or volunteer for health education; a doctor, nurse, or midwife who will vaccinate; and two health workers or volunteers from partner agencies who will be tasked for documentation and taking of vital signs.
Senior citizens and persons with comorbidities, who have registered, are reminded to wait for the call or notification from the City Health Office that will confirm their schedule and place of vaccination.
To ensure the orderly conduct of vaccination and avoid overcrowding, walk-ins are discouraged.