Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo issued an office order adopting skeleton (skeletal) workforce for all personnel to reduce the number of employees physically reporting in their offices at city hall and implement physical/social distancing in the workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Skeleton (skeletal) workforce scheme refers to a work arrangement where a minimum number of personnel is required to man the office to render service when full staffing is not possible.
Various offices and departments in the City Government have earlier adopted the work-from-home scheme for certain personnel on specific tasks.
Both skeleton (skeletal) workforce and work-from-home schemes are allowed under Civil Service Memorandum Circular No. 10 series of 2020 to ensure continuity in the day-to-day transactions with the general public.
Employees who are below 21-year-old; more than 60-years-old or those between 21-59 years-old with immune-deficiency, comorbidities and other health risks and pregnant are ordered to work from home.
Previously, the City Government has adopted several other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the City Hall with the following specific courses of action spearheaded by Assistant City Administrator Dr. Dinno T. Depositario of the City Human Resource and Management Office, to wit:
1. Suspension in the use of biometrics when logging in and out;
2. Suspension of all face-to-face events, meetings, lectures, training and similar activities;
3. Designation of next-in-line as the acting Officer-in-Charge in case a particular head of office contract COVID-19;
4. Designation of COVID-19 Response Liaison Officer responsible in reporting to the City Health Office any employee who develop or show signs of COVID-19 or Influenza Like symptoms, PUMs, PUIs and personnel whose immediate family members is identified as a COVID-19 patient;
5. Conduct of twice-a-week disinfection activity in government offices; and 6. Reiteration in the mandatory wearing of full coverage face shield and face masks with corresponding penalty.
Outside the City Hall, Mayor Remollo has deployed Health Marshals led by Executive Assistant for Security Concerns retired General Rey Lyndon Lawas to strictly enforce the local health protocols against COVID-19 in the city streets and business establishments.