The Dumaguete City Health Office received a total of 956 vials of vaccines from the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) in 10 batches since March 22, 2021 to June 1, 2021 based on the order of priority as prescribed by the Department of Health.
All the vaccines received were used to inoculate residents of the city belonging to Priority Group A1 workers in the frontline health services and A2 Senior Citizens in 2 doses.
Specifically, the COVID-19 vaccines received from the office of Dr. Liland Estacion of IPHO are the following:
March 22, 2021: 180 vials Sinovac and 6 vials Astrazeneca
March 23, 2021: 3 vials Astrazeneca
March 29, 2021: 1 doses Astrazeneca
April 19, 2021: 100 vials Sinovac
May 10, 2021: 200 vials Sinovac
May 14, 2021: 46 vials Astrazeneca
May 20, 2021: 20 vials of Astrazeneca
May 25, 2021: 100 vials of Sinovac
May 27, 2021: 200 vials Sinovac
June 1, 2021: 100 vials Sinovac
For A1 about 323 frontline health workers received the 1st dose of Sinovac and 268 of Astrazeneca; for 2nd dose, 254 for Sinovac and 101 for Astrazeneca.
For A2 about 737 senior citizens, who registered both online and through the forms from the barangays, were already inoculated.
The vaccination for A2 (senior citizens) will continue once additional supplies of vaccines are received by the City Health Office from the allocation of DOH and distributed by the IPHO.
All senior citizens who registered for vaccination will receive a call from the City Health Office to confirm their scheduled and other instructions.