In view of Vice-Mayor Alan Cordova’s untimely demise, by operation of law, as the first councilor, I have assumed office as Vice-Mayor of Dumaguete City.
Despite being isolated due to COVID-19, I can perform the tasks and duties required of me as Vice-Mayor.
I promise to serve you well, with all of my heart and to faithfully discharge my duties to the best of my ability.
In the meantime, I ask all people of goodwill in our City and beyond, to please pray for the speedy recovery of all those sick with COVID-19, even as we also pray for the eternal bliss of our friend, Vice-Mayor Alan, who shall be missed.
In these trying times, let us rely more on common sense than on fake news.
We need everybody’s help and cooperation. Above all, let us put our faith in the one true God.
United in purpose, we can overcome these trials.
And in unity, we can do more and better. Thank you.