The City Council approved in the last regular session the requests of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo for more financial assistance to residents in crisis situations, promotions and hiring of employees and other projects amounting to P 31.7 million.
Councilor Lilani Ramon, Chairperson of the Committee on Finance and Appropriation, introduced the proposed programs and projects for approval by the City Council, to wit:
1. Emergency and Public Assistance Fund at P 8 million financial aid for medical, hospitalization, burial, and residents in crisis situation to include those who were isolated for testing positive of COVID-19
2. Salaries and Wages for the promotion of 148 Job Order workers to casual plantilla positions at P 8.6 million
3. Payment for labor of additional Job Order workers at P 6.5 million
4. Funding of the 2 vacant positions in the City Accounting Office at P 249, 206.00
5. Purchase of washable face masks, hand soap and other disinfectants at P 232, 892.00 for the handling of daily wastes delivered to the Eco-Park and Solid Waste Processing Facility
6. Purchase of 2 brand new utility vans for Barangay Talay at P 1 million
7. Concreting of road at Purok Kulo going to Steel Footbridge P 1 million
8. Installation of Elevator at City Hall Building with shafting and completed accessories at P 5.1 million
9. Additional appropriation for Contract of Services of Security Guards at P 935, 000.00
Councilor Ramon stated that the total amount of P 31.7 million was sourced out from the existing government equity unappropriated surplus of the General Fund Proper.
Earlier, the City Council also approved the request of Mayor Remollo to appropriate an additional P 4.1 million to implement the P 20/day across the board increase in wages for each Job Order Worker.
Prior to Mayor Remollo’s assumption into office in 2016, the lowest paid JO worker only receives P 280/day back then.
Mayor Remollo then approved the 1st round of daily wage increase for JO workers at P 330/day; for 2nd round at P 350/ day and for this year at P 370/day, which is higher than the minimum wage of P 360/day according to DOLE.