Today, May 23, 2021, I took the RT-PCR test as a requirement for attendance in the National Peace and Order Council to be presided over by President Rodrigo Duterte on May 24 , 2021 and hosted by the City of Dumaguete .
After all the necessary preparations were made by our City Workforce (in coordination with PMS, DILG and SillIman University), I received a call from IPHO right after dinner that my test results are positive for the COVID-19 virus.
I remain asymptomatic and have isolated myself.
The meeting with President Duterte will push through as scheduled and Dumaguete City will be ably represented in said event.
Regular functions of Government will continue in my physical absence as I will still be working while in isolation . I will also be continually abreast of the daily affairs of the City.
I fervently hope that this will serve as something to seriously reflect on even to those who are religious in observing the basic protocols.
COVID-19 is by far the most treacherous of all viruses. It unwittingly strikes when one is in the company of friends, family and co-workers.
I pray to GOD to keep everyone safe and those similarly afflicted to recover soon!