Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo and Mayor Pryde Henry A. Teves signed today the Memorandum of Agreement that would allow Dumaguete City to temporarily dispose its segregated residual wastes (dili mapuslan) in the sanitary landfill located in Barangay Maninihon Bayawan City.
Earlier, Dumaguete City closed the dumpsite in Barangay Candau-ay and the Central Materials Recovery Facility is already operational where the recyclable wastes are sorted and disposed by the former scavengers now employed by the City Government through the Environment and Natural Resources Office.
Based on the MOA, the City of Dumaguete will transport the segregated residual wastes to the Bayawan City sanitary landfill, which shall be accepted at a tipping fee rate of P 1, 000.00 per ton.
Mayor Remollo expressed his gratitude to the City Government of Bayawan through Mayor Teves for the gesture of support considering that Dumaguete City has the smallest land area among LGUs but with the most number of people going in and out being the center of trade, health, education and commerce in the province.
“The signing of the MOA is a living proof of an inter-LGU cooperation encouraged by the Local Government Code of 1991,” Mayor Remollo said.
But the arrangement is temporary since the City Government of Dumaguete is processing the approval of its own sanitary landfill by the DENR inside the 8-hectare lot property where the Central MRF is also located.
For his part, Mayor Teves stressed the need for LGUs to cooperate in order solve the present-day problems in the management of solid wastes, traffic congestion and adequate water supply of a growing city.
Mayor Teves said that while Bayawan City has pioneered on some major initiatives, but there are also best practices and strategies that they want to learn from Dumaguete City particularly in its thriving retirement tourism industry.
Both Mayor Remollo and Teves agreed that LGUs should use their resources to promote mutual benefits to their constituents.
During 86th regular session, temporarily presided by SK President Renz Macion, the authority of Mayor Remollo to sign the MOA with Mayor Teves was approved upon the motion of Councilor Michael Bandal, duly seconded by Councilors Edgar Lentorio Jr. and Manuel Patrimonio with the expressed support of Councilors Karissa Tolentino, Manuel Sagarbarria, Lilani Ramon and Liga ng mga Barangay President Dionie Amores.
Also present during the MOA signing are City Legal Officer Manuel Arbon, Atty. Ronel Depalubos, 3rd District Board Member Jack Raymund and department heads.