Officials from the City Government led by Councilor Manuel Patrimonio, 6 Barangay Captains and representatives of DPWH conducted an ocular inspection of the Lagnasan Creek and the drainage canal designed to contain and prevent the huge volume of water from flooding the road and homes along its path.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo confirms the initial budget totaling P 8 million to continue the implementation of the flood control project, which can be augmented by local funds or with the help of the Department of Public Works and Highways.
Councilor Patrimonio, Chairperson of the Committee on Engineering and Public Works, led the inspection team with Executive Assistant for Security Concerns retired General Rey Lyndon Lawas, from the Lagnasan Creek to the Banilad national highway so they can fully appreciate the topography of the path where the floodwater from the mountains of Valencia flows downstream passing through Barangays Cantil-e, Bajumpandan, Mangnao and Banilad.
The City Government is prepared to complete an adequate drainage canal to contain the floodwater during inclement weather thus sparing the homes along its path before safely emptying at Ihalason Beach.
City Engineer Edwin Quirit also stressed the need to survey the number of properties or households that will be affected by the flood control project.
City Planning and Development Coordinator Engr. Leonides Caro also urged the barangay officials to utilize their respective 5% calamity funds for the declogging of the drainage canals to minimize obstruction of the water flow.
Among the Punong Barangays present in this morning’s ocular inspection are Captains Pacencio Maquiling, Pilardo Sarte of Cantil-e, Crispin Patrimonio of Bajumpandan, Ramel Tayko of Mangnao, Vincent Andrew Perigua of Bagacay and Maximino Umbac Jr. of Junob.