About 1, 058 Job Order workers of the City Government of Dumaguete were granted pay increases by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo between P 370 to P 454 a day effective April 1, 2021.
This latest daily rate increase (the 3rd round under the Remollo administration) is in appreciation to the dedicated service of the Job Order workers in the delivery of basic social services to the citizens and visitors of Dumaguete City.
City Human Resource Management Officer Dr. Dinno T. Depositario said that Mayor Remollo approved the following wage increases effective April 1, 2021:
1. Daily wage for JO without college degree – P 370/day
2. Daily wage for JO with college degree – P 400/day
3. Daily wage for JO with Civil Service Eligibility – P 454/day
Since the national law and Civil Service Commission prohibit JO workers from receiving bonuses, benefits and allowances like casual and regular employees, the increase in the daily rates of Job Order workers would at least provide them bigger pay amid the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Meanwhile, Job Order workers who were promoted as casual employees on account of their commendable performance shall receive the following daily rates:
1. Casual with no college degree – P 380/day plus bonuses, benefits and P 2, 000 PERA
2. Casual with college degree- P 430/day plus bonuses, benefits and P 2, 000 PERA
3. Casual with Civil Service Eligibility – P 464/day plus bonuses, benefits and P 2, 000 PERA
The CHRMO is also working on the promotions to casual status several JO workers who have been in the service for more than a decade based on merits and recommendation of their concerned department heads.
Prior to Mayor Remollo’s assumption into office in 2016, the lowest paid JO worker only receives P 280/day back then.
Mayor Remollo then approved the 1st round of daily wage increase for JO workers at P 330/day; for 2nd round at P 350/ day and for this year at P 370/day, which is higher than the minimum wage of P 360/day according to DOLE.
At present there are a total of 1, 906 employees of the City Government: 1, 058 Job Order workers, 451 casuals and 397 regular plantilla.