A proposed ordinance granting a one-time and conditional amnesty to all operators of Motorcabs-for-Hire using expired or illegally transferred franchises will be presented for deliberation in the City Council as a means to correct the malpractice.
The Committee on Transportation and Traffic chaired by Liga ng mga Barangay President Dionie Amores convened a meeting last Friday with Councilors Karissa Tolentino, Michael Bandal and Edgar Lentorio Jr. to listen to the inputs of MCH operators, drivers, the Traffic Management Office and the Philippine National Police to strengthen the proposed measure.
Councilor Tolentino said that a mere moratorium for those operators/drivers operating under franchises, which are not granted in their names, will not solve the problem and would put those who have acquired these franchises under grave economic prejudice.
Councilors Amores and Lentorio noted that the intention of the amnesty is to stop the selling of franchises and for those holding more than 5 franchises to surrender the excess that can be given to other qualified drivers so that more families will be benefitted.
Representatives of MCH operators and drivers said that they have victims of unremitted SPA fees that give them additional financial burden.
The proposed amnesty will ensure that henceforth all MCH units operating in Dumaguete City are duly registered, prohibit the use of SPAs, create more livelihood opportunities and protect the riding public.