Officials of the Sangguniang Barangay of Balugo presented before the City Council’s Committee on Rules and Ordinances the newly passed Barangay Tax Ordinance that prescribes the fees to be collected in the issuance of clearances and use of facilities.
Committee Chairperson Councilor Michael Bandal along with members Councilors Karissa Tolentino and Edgar Lentorio Jr. voted to endorse Balugo’s Barangay Tax Ordinance No. 1 series of 2021 to the plenary for final approval in the next regular session.
Under Balugo’s Tax Ordinance, fees for the issuance of barangay clearances range from P 300.00 to P 10.00; barangay certification permits and agreement of sales fees are between P 100.00 to P 20.00 and rental of basketball courts to private organizations and non-residents shall be between P 100.00 to P 50.00 per hour.
However, senior citizens, medical, hospitalization, burial assistance, financial assistance, PWDs and for temporary connection of electricity of houses made of light materials are exempted from the collection of fees on the issuance of barangay clearances and certifications.