The Committee on Environment will be coordinating with civic organizations and barangays to be more consistent and stricter in the implementation of the law and ordinances on solid waste management that ultimately will bring about behavioral change starting in every household or establishment.
Councilor Edgar Lentorio Jr., Committee Chairperson, noted that the installation of the pyrolysis system and equipment at the Central Materials Recovery Facility will be realized in the next few weeks that will greatly help in the disposal and management of the tons of garbage generated by the capital city daily.
Committee members SK President Renz Macion and Liga ng mga Barangay President Dionie Amores also agreed that every barangay should have an ordinance on solid waste management and consistent enforcement so that segregating of garbage in the households becomes the norm and practiced daily by citizens.
Barangays will need to operate and maintain their own Materials Recovery Facility and develop and awards system that will recognize barangays with the most efficient solid waste management worthy of emulation.
Among the city officials and stakeholders present during the committee meeting are Engr. Chilvier Patrimonio of ENRO; Engr. Leticia Duran of Eco-Park and Solid Waste Processing Facility; Engr. Seth Rey Abella of CEED; Leo Mamicpic, Benjamin Baldado and Leodegario Rosales and Cheryl Rosales of FENOR and Kinaiyahan Incorporated.