Asserting that part of his mandate is to preserve lives and properties, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo stressed that the proposed shoreline protection project that will shield the residents of Poblacion 1 (Tinago) from storm surges, floods and huge waves (even on ordinary days) will proceed once the City Government secures all the required permits and approval from the appropriate agencies including the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
In this latest episode, Mayor Remollo tells host Dr. Dinno T. Depositario that he has spoken to the barangay officials and residents about the project with assurance that contrary to the rumors, the residents will not be displaced or removed from their homes and that a landing port will be provided so that their fishing boats can be moored anchored and will still have access to the sea.
The shoreline protection project is primarily designed to make the residents and their properties, including government facilities and offices, safer from the harsh elements and flash flood.
Mayor Remollo recalls the frequent need to rescue or evacuate residents whose lives were in peril several times a year due to flood and storm surges caused by climate change.
However, the same project will also provide additional public space for parking, rest and recreation to complement the adjacent shoreline protection project being developed as Pantawan, a center for sports and recreation, now nearing completion.
Meanwhile, Mayor Remollo also expressed satisfaction that the vast majority of the people patronized the Pantawan near the Dumaguete Press Club, which is now frequented by families, friends and tourists.
Other attractions, aside from sports and cultural facilities, are expected to be established in the Pantawan in the months to come.
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