“This is not popularity contest. I cannot waste the sacrifices made by so many people and sectors to control COVID-19 in our city. I have to exercise political will for we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and saving lives is more important than ever.” Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo.
In his most recent Let’s Talk interview with Dr. Dinno T. Depositario, Mayor Remollo reiterated the need for incoming travelers to submit a negative RT-PCR result for one to get a Certificate of Acceptance within 24 hours before entering Dumaguete City.
Nevertheless, in compliance to the directive of the National IATF, quarantine is no longer required for all travelers.
Mayor Remollo stressed that any upsurge of COVID cases are handled directly by the City’s Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases and local health workers, thus we must be guided by empirical evidence and advice of medical professionals when deciding when to loosen local health protocols for travelers.
From a high of nearly 80 active cases in 1 day, the City’s IATF-MEID has managed to lower it to an average of just 8-14 active cases a day.
Hence, even as the vaccination against COVID-19 has already started, Mayor Remollo urges the members of the public to remain vigilant and observe health protocols to prevent any upsurge of new cases.
Mayor Remollo does not want the Dumaguete City to be forced into another lockdown or imposition of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), when only 1 member of the household is allowed to go out to purchase basic needs, which might happen again if we cannot control COVID-19 infection just like what is now happening in Metro Manila.
Given the limited resources and availability of medical personnel, prevention is still the best strategy to control COVID-19 infection, Mayor Remollo concluded.
You may watch this episode at Youtube thru this link: https://youtu.be/jraSaMIJw08