DR. DINNO T. DEPOSITARIO: Can you share to us your impression of Dumaguete City and of course our host —especially Mayor Remollo.
PRESIDENTIAL COMMUNICATION OPERATIONS OFFICE SECRETARY JOSE RUPERTO MARTIN MARFORI ANDANAR: This is my second or third time in Dumaguete City and I’ve always wanted to — every time I go here it mesmerizes me. I would always say to myself that I want to go back because I have not seen enough. I’ve had so much fun. People are very friendly and very warm. I have so many questions in my mind. I wonder why there are so many retirees in Dumaguete and then I do my research about the law and order, safety of the people because there must be a reason why retired people from all over the world come here. It’s like a melting pot of different races. They go here to enjoy a glass of beer in the Rizal Boulevard.
I have yet to see the outskirts of Dumaguete. I’ve seen a few — I’ve seen Siquijor, Siaton but there are so many places to discover in this place — in this city. As a matter of fact it encourages me because it’s hardly hit by a typhoon and then floods.
There’s no great deluge in this place. You’ve great Silvanas — great food, great people. People who can speak very good English — I worked with the cabinet member who’s just so brilliant and out of this world when she starts talking because she’s so bright — Liling Briones our secretary of education. We know that she was a pillar in Silliman and continuous to be one. I just love the city; I think it’s just a city that’s one of a kind that every Filipino should visit before he or she tip-toe out of the society.
So there must be a reason why Jose Rizal stayed for 3 hours in this place. You know, walking the boulevard, enjoying the scenery — fresh air. How should I put it in one word? It is so difficult to put it in one word — captivating. I’d love to have a piece of land here in Dumaguete — one day.
Dr. Depositario: Quite an honor coming from our Secretary Andanar.