The Committee on Environment and Agriculture chaired by Councilor Edgar Lentorio Jr. convened in a meeting with zero waste advocates and responsible officials implementing the city’s solid waste management, Tuesday.
Based on the reports of the City Environment and Natural Resources, it will just be a matter of time but the city’s dumpsite will be closed for good.
And as part of the safe closure of the city’s dumpsite, the old site will be enclosed with a perimeter fence; the scavengers in the dumpsite will not lose their livelihood as they will be employed in the City Materials Recovery Facility that will house the pyrolysis machine and equipment capable of converting trash to useful byproducts while all biodegradable wastes will be utilized as organic fertilizer by the City Agriculture Office.
It has been the priority of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to responsibly close the dumpsite, make the City MRF fully operational and establish a sanitary landfill inside the ongoing 8-hectare Ecological Park.
Consistent enforcement, massive information drive on solid waste segregation, adoption of zero waste process and the establishment of the sanitary landfill are necessary for the long term success in managing the wastes of a thriving city with a growing population.
Among those present during the meeting are Liga ng mga Barangay President Dionie Amores, SK President Renz Macion, Dwight Arnaiz of City Agriculture Office, Engr. Leticia Duran, Engr. Chilvier Patrimonio and staff, Esther Windler and Leo Mamicpic of FENOR.