Once approved as an ordinance, the proposal to institutionalize the Alternative Learning System (ALS) in all the 30 barangays will increase the opportunity and provide better access to education.
The authors and advocates of the proposed ordinance convened today in a meeting called by the Committee on Education presided by Chairperson Karissa Tolentino-Maxino to deliberate on the provisions of the measure with funding for the program can be appropriated by the LGUs.
Among the authors of the proposed ordinance are Councilors Lilani Ramon, Michael Bandal, Liga ng mga Barangay President Dionie Amores with Committee member SK Federation President Renz Macion and CSO representative Suzanne Bascara.
Under the ordinance, the ALS program shall be conducted in an existing barangay structure, whether this is owned by the barangay government, such as a high school in the barangay, or by a private entity within the jurisdiction of the said barangay.
The facility is enjoined to devote at least 4 days of every month for the purpose of conducting ALS at the barangay level and even the kasambahays (household helpers) will be encouraged to avail of the program.