The first shipment of 5, 000 vials of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines arrived at the Dumaguete airport this morning, which heralds the start of the rollout of the immunization program for health workers as priority.
Dr. Socrates Villamor of the Department of Health said that about 2, 500 health workers directly involved in managing COVID-19 cases in the three major hospitals NOPH, SUMC and ACE will be the priority to get vaccinated.
Medical staff of the Siquijor Provincial Hospital will also get a share of the newly arrived vaccines.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has allocated P30 million for the procurement of vaccines, once available in the market, that will be given for free to the health workers, frontliners, those considered at risk sectors (the elderly and the sickly) and later the rest of the population, who would voluntarily elect to be vaccinated.
Meanwhile, other health workers of the Holy Child Hospital, Negros Polymedic Hospital and district hospitals will be vaccinated next when supplies are available.
Dr. Villamor said that Sinovac vaccines will be administered to those between the ages 18-59 years old in 2 doses per person. He expects more vaccines to be shipped to Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental in the weeks to come.