Statement of Councilor Manuel “Chaco” Sagarbarria
(Chairperson, Committee on Health)
There have been accusations that Dumaguete City does not take care of its Frontliners. As the new chairman on Health, I went to talk to Dra. Talla and got to the bottom of this accusations.
These are the following sectors/departments considered as FRONTLINERS here sa LGU of Dumaguete City, dili pa gani ni complete list sa mga considered as frontliners but just to give you an idea.
Barangay Health Worker (BHW)
Contact tracers (some are DILG paid)
Med Tech
Sanitary Inspector/office
Fire Department
Staff of City Disaster Office
Staff of City Health office
Staff of Tourism office
Most recently Social Workers / DSWD
And the biggest is B.H.E.R.T.S – Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams
The composition of this team is HUGE!
From Barangay Captains, Officials to Tanods to purok chariman. Basically it’s a team made from the Barangay’s choice. (walay limit as long as active and hardworking).
So when you APPROPRIATE funds or any legislation when you put the word frontliner and not be specific mag problema ta kay the cost or range is staggering.
1. Kung frontliner ka and city paid including JO, you should have received a one-time Hazard pay last year for your service during the ECQ.
2. If Casual ka or Regular, if your Salary Grade is 19 and below naa ni sila Hazard pay MONTHLY equivalent to 25% of their salary. Ganahan mi kung pwede pa lang among e apil ang JO. Unsaon dili man gyud mu sugot ang COA pariha rana sa Bonus. WE WANT TO GIVE ALL but its just NOT allowed.
3. If you are a frontliner and get Quarantined, you are NOT considered absent but LEAVE WITH PAY. Meaning sa 14 days nimo na quarantine if frontliner ka you are still being PAID.
If ma positive sa Covid-19, and they need hospitalization, their Bill in a PRIVATE hospital will mostly be shouldered sa PHILHEALTH, Frontliners has a special rate/coverage. Also, additional financial assistance will be given from the City.
4. If ma quarantine sila, their family is entitled to food packs from the city.
5. City frontliners also have 12 hotel rooms to use as accommodation for changing, to rest, or to stay in if when they feel tired. FREE of charge.
So far with asking around, no frontliner has complained directly to the city health office when it comes to accommodation and how the city health office treats them. The only few complaints I heard was the salary disparity between the JO against the casual and Regular.
BUT this is not a City health office problem, but a National Mandate. It is something beyond the scope of councilors, ITS CALLED PS LIMITATION.