SK Federation President Renz Macion convened, Friday, the Committee on Sustainable Development Goals, Innovation and Futures Thinking, which he chairs, to deliberate on the proposed ordinance providing for a Comprehensive Centralized Databank for the Advancement of Sustainable Development in the Local Government Unit of Dumaguete City.
Committee members Councilors Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, Lilani Ramon and Michael Bandal, participated in the discussion with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, SK Chairpersons of different barangays, City Planning and Development Coordinator Engr. Leonides Caro; GAD Focal Person Aveangel Alcorin; Local Youth Development Officer Tigie James Tanilon, and LYDC members Rhyn Esolana and Shamah Bulangis.
Macion stresses that systemic problem requires systemic solution. Thus, creating a databank is a necessary step toward advancing sustainable development and to pursue good and effective governance.
At present, there is no existing database tracking the progress of all existing government programs and projects initiated by the different offices and department causing redundancy.
“The City Government of Dumaguete must adapt to accelerate sustainable, ambitious, and multi-sectoral solutions, where all stakeholders are mobilized in the scale and speed required in realizing the SDGs by 2030,” Macion added.
The committee also vowed to strengthen partnerships and linkages with civic organizations to further amplify advocacy projects in line with the promotion of the 17 SDGs.