The City Government is fully committed to safely and permanently close the 35-year-old dumpsite as soon as the Central Materials Recovery Facility becomes fully operational to process all the 70-80 tons of garbage collected every day.
And the Committee on Environment chaired by Councilor Edgar Lentorio, which he convened last Thursday, will enhance its cooperation with the executive department and DENR to ensure that Central MRF with a total land area of 750 square meters will be provided with all the facilities and equipment.
At present, the public bidding of the pyrolysis machine that will convert garbage into useful by products such hollow and paver blocks, plastic chairs, organic fertilizer and later, waste-to-energy will be housed in the completed Central MRF building is in progress.
It must be noted that the City administration is already implementing in stages the safe closure and rehabilitation plan of the Candau-ay dumpsite as duly approved by DENR.
Meanwhile, ENRO reports on its initiatives and status of the Candau-ay dumpsite:
1. Treated garbage with bio-enzyme solution to hasten decomposition and neutralize the foul odor
2. No collection of biodegradable garbage
3. Deployed heavy equipment and personnel to contain garbage far from the roadside
4. No segregation, no tags, no collection
However, the Punong Barangays also acknowledged challenges in the barangays:
1. Some barangays don’t have vehicle to transport biodegradable garbage
2. Many households are still not properly segregating their garbage
3. Several barangays do not have existing MRF
4. Lack of personnel in barangays to enforce proper segregation of trash every household
SK Federation President Renz Macion advocated for use of eco-bags especially among households and more enforcement.
All stakeholders pledge to work together and rally the citizens so they will practice segregation, composting, reuse and recycle of garbage; follow the schedule of garbage collection and to report any household or establishments that would dump their garbage irresponsibly.
Among those present in last Thursday’s committee meeting are: City ENRO, Engr. Leticia Duran, Punong Barangays Glenn Noay of Balugo, Virginia Alcancia of Camanjac, Gregorio Oira of Candau-ay and Maximino Umbac of Junob and Leo Mamicpic, Leodegario Rosales, Esther Windler of FENOR and KINAIYAHAN.