Republic of the Philippines
City of Dumaguete
Bids and Awards Committee


The City of Dumaguete thru its BIDS AND AWARDS COMMITTEE (BAC), invites all interested manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and/or distributors to apply for eligibility and to submit BIDS for the SUPPLY of:

Job Order:
Delivery, installation, and commissioning of:
I. 1 set Pyrolysis Gasification Process with Environment Pollution Control Devices (EPCD) with 2 sets sorting Conveyors and with Wet and Dry Scrubbers, p17,375,000.00

Specifications for Pyrolysis and Gasification Process:
Capacity: At least 3 cu.m/hr
By-Product: Hot Air, Hot Water, Fertilizer Ash
Power: 300 Watts, Voltage: 110-220 volts
Emission: must comply with DENR Standard Requirement
Noise Level: less than 85 decibels
Dimension (HxWxL): Min. 5m x 1.4m x 3.850m
Weight: Max. 4 tons; Cimney Height: Min. 12’
Reactor Pyrolysis Volume: Min. 1000mm²
Inlet Dimension Top (LxW): min 2’ x 2’
Inlet Dimension Bottom (LxW): min. 8″ x 8”

Specification for Manual Sorting Conveyor (with speed reducer) (2 sets)
Min. Length: 12m
Min. Width: 1m
Min. Height (Including the motor): 54”

Wet Scrubber (1 unit)
Min. Height: 4ft/Diameter: 3ft

Dry Scrubber (2 units)
Min. Height: 8 ft/Diameter: 102 cm and Min. Height: 4 ft/Diameter: 30 inches

Environmental Pollution Control Devices (EPCD)
For Pyrolysis Gasification, the following must be provided:
1 set Cylindrical gas reducer min. 8’ height x min. 40” diameter
Complete with ingredient that will reduce Dioxin and Furan
2 sets Wet Cylindrical Scrubber min. 48” height x min. 40” diameter
Coupled with min. 2” x 2” water pump, 2HP Single Phase, 220v, 60 Hz
1 set series of metal drum, min. 35 ½” x 22” diameter or min. 200 liters capacity

Food waste pulverizer (2 units)
Powered: Min. 1 Hp
Machine Type: Grinder

Note : The set includes preparation, processing, and approval, of ECC and other relevant documentary requirements, if needed, from DENR and other concerned government agencies. Furan and Dioxin tests shall pass DENR-EMB Clean Air Act Standard Requirement. (The set should be accompanied with DENR approved Laboratory Certification)

II. The following machines as accessory to item I. p800,000.00
1) For Non-recyclable Waste Bottles Glass Bottle Pulverizer (2 units)
Pulverizing Capacity: 500-1000 kg/hr
Powered by: at least 8HP water cooled Diesel Engine
Rotor Diameter: Min. 215mm
Hoppe Dimension: Min.22” x 18”
Blades number: 26 blades; High Impact Steel
Min. Overall Dimensions: L=60”, 46”, H=62”
Noise Level: 95 decibels
Max. Size of Perforation Screen: 5/16mm
Min Thickness: 1.2mm

2) Plastic Densifier/Melting Machine with EPCD (Environmental Pollution Control Device) 1- unit, p850,000.00
Capacity: 50-100 kg/hr
Powered by: 3.7KW, Three Phase, 220 v, 60 Hz
Min. Heating: Heating Zones-2 periods (Screw Barrel 2 periods, Head Piece 1 period)
Min. Heating Power: 1.6KW*3=4.5KW
Screw Straightness:<0.015mm
Electrical System: ISO approved supplier temperature and control meter

For Air Pollution Control Devices
1 unit Wet Scrubber with ½ hp Electric motor
1 unit Dry Scrubber with 1/2″ hp Electric Motor

Note: Furans, Dioxins and Clean Air act tests shall pass DENR-EMB Clean Air Act Standard Requirements (The Set should be Accompanied with DENR approved laboratory (Certification)

3) Mortar Mixer (1 unit), p130,000.00
Powered by: 10HP
Machine Type: Concrete Mixer Machine

4) Hollow Block machine (1 unit), p85,000.00
Powered by: Min. 1HP, Single Phase 220V, 60Hz Electric Motor
Motor RPM: 1740 rev/min with min. 100 pellets

5)For Non-biodegradable shredder, p760,000.00
Plastic Shredder/residual shredders (Pulverizer-grinder)-(2-units)
Output:100 kg/hr-150
Electric Motor: min. 5hp
Min. Size of materials Inlet: 250x200mm
Min. Quantity of tool: 5pcs
Min. Outline of Diameter: 850x600x1300mm
Engine-Weight:min.250 kg

6) For Biodegradable Waste
a) Municipal waste shredder (2 units), p500,000.00
Capacity: 500-600 kgs/hr
Powered by: Min. 13HP Gasoline Engine
Size of materials inlet: Min 400x300mm
Swing type with chipper

b) Rotary composter (2 unit)(Bio-reactor), p1,000,000.00
Capacity: 800kgs-1000 kgs/load 5hp conduction motor
Gear Reducer: 120:20:1 ratio
Materials: Combination of stainless steel and mild steel
Components: Air vent, buffler, blower

c) Heavy Duty Biodegradable Shredder (2 units), p500,000.00
Capacity: 1000-1500kg/hr
Engine Drive: At least 12.5 Hp Water-cooled Diesel Engine
Dimensions: Overall Dimension (LxWxD): at least 1700mm x 1320mm x 1170mm
Min. Feeding Inlet Dimension (LxW): 300mm x 120mm
Min. Outlet Opening Dimension (LXW): 175mmx90mm
Closed Cylinder Type: L-610mm x W-375mm
Shredding Blade (LxWxh): 76mmx64mmx16mm
Teeth Axial Blade: Leaf Spring or any (12mm thick) – 46 pcs
Stand Frame: at least 4.5mm x 2” angle Bar
Shredding Chamber Shell: Min of 8mm thick mild steel plate 1 shredding
Chamber Side Wall-Min of 10mm Mild Steel
Shredder Blade-Hardened Tools Steel
Frame Materials-Steel Channel Section
Bearings: Should be of Good Quality
Input Chute-Chipper: 2” diameter chipper capacity
Chipper Blade(Hardened tool steel)
No. of blades (2 pcs)
Platform: May be Towable or maybe fixed

The following documents and certifications must be attached in the “bidders” documents, i.e.:
1. Copy of manual operation and step by step video on actual operation from start to finish.
2. Technical and material data sheets for every machine.
3. Company valid ISO Certificates 2019 to 2020

Terms of reference:
1. Hands-on training and supervised daily operations of operators on proper usage of all machines for a period not less than forty (40) working days.
2. Free maintenance of the whole system every month for the period of thee (3) years.
3. Warranties and guarantees of spare parts of every machine at least one (1) year.
4. The Company to attach Certificate of Compliance for items I & II. 2, from DENR approved test laboratory for Clean Air Act, Furan and Dioxin test requirement and submit Permit to operate air.
5. Supplier of machine must have a demo unit in the Philippines
6. Delivery, installation, and commissioning of machines must be 90 days after signing of notice to proceed.

Purpose: For the use of Eco-Park and Solid waste processing facility.

Note: Rebidding


Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected at bid opening.

The City of Dumaguete now invites bids for Job Order: Delivery, installation, and commissioning of one (1) set Pyrolysis Gasification Process with Environment Pollution Control Devices (EPCD) with 2 sets sorting Conveyors and with Wet and Dry Scrubbers for the use of Eco-Park and Solid waste processing facility.

Bidders should have completed and/or accepted, within 3 years from the date of submission and receipt of bids, a contract similar to the Project. The description of an eligible bidder is contained in the Bidding Documents, particularly Section II, Instruction to Bidders.

Bidding will be conducted through open competitive bidding procedures using non-discretionary pass/fail criteria as specified in the Implementing Rules and Regulations Part A (IRR-A) of Republic Act 9184 (R.A. 9184), otherwise known as the “Government Procurement Reform Act”.

Bidding is restricted to Filipino citizen/sole proprietorships, partnerships, or organizations with at least sixty(60%) interest or outstanding capital stock belonging to citizens of the Philippines, and to citizens or organizations of a country the laws or regulations of which grant similar rights or privileges to Filipino citizens, pursuant to RA 5183 and subject to Commonwealth Act 138.

Interested bidders must secure eligibility requirements and bid documents from the Secretariat, Bids and Awards Committee, Office on General Services, City Hall Compound, Dumaguete City. For more information, contact the Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat, Office of General Services, City Hall Compound, Dumaguete City, Tel. No. 22-524-29/225-3956/225-5871.

A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchase by interested Bidders from January 29, 2021 to February 09, 2021 from address above and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee for the Bidding Documents in the amount of p25,000.00.

The Schedule of activities is as follows:
1. Issuance of Bid Documents January 29, 2021
2. Submission and opening of bids February 09, 2021, 10:00 A.M.

Sealed Bids/Proposals will be received at the Office of General Services, City Hall Compound, Dumaguete City not later than February 09, 2021 and Bid opening shall be on Tuesday, February 09, 2021 at 10:00 (Ten o’clock) in the Morning at the Office on General Services, City Hall Compound, Bids will be opened in the presence of the Bidders or representatives who choose to attend. Late Bids shall not be accepted.

Prospective bidders must not be related to the head of the procuring entity or any member of the Bids and Awards Committee or its Secretariat either by consanguinity or affinity up to the third civil degree.

All Bids shall be accompanied by a Bid Security payable to the City of Dumaguete in any of the acceptable forms and in the amount stated in Sec. 27 of RA 9184. The same shall guarantee that, after receipt of the Notice of Award, the winning bidder shall enter into contract with the City of Dumaguete within ten (10) calendar days.

Copies of this Invitation are posted at the GSO Bulletin Board, Dumaguete Public Market Complex, Province of Negros Oriental General Services Office Bulletin Board, Philgeps and Dumaguete City Engineer’s Office Bulletin Board.

The Bids and Awards Committee reserves the right to 1) reject any or all bids, 2) waive any defects or informalities therein, 3) or accept any bids/ or offer/s which it may consider to be most advantageous and beneficial to the government 4) to reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.

Dumaguete City, January 28, 2021.