Dumaguete City Chief-of-Police Lt. Col. Mark Gifter Sucalit reports to Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo that the crime volume has significantly dropped from 1, 329 from June to December 2019 to just 468 incidents or by almost 65% in the same period in 2020.
Mayor Remollo commended PNP Dumaguete under the command of Lt. Col. Sucalit for their diligence and effective strategies that reduced the number of crimes in the last 6 months with the cooperation of concerned citizens.
Specifically, for index crimes like murder it decreased from 13 cases in 2019 to just 3 in 2020; theft from 97 to just 13; carnapping from 10 to 2; robbery from 11 to 7; rape from 14 to 2 and physical injury from 78 to 25.
For non-index crimes: traffic related incidents dropped from 666 in 2019 to 118 in 2020; illegal drugs, illegal gambling and VAWC from 255 to 230 other non-index crimes such as libel, trespassing, alarm and scandal from 185 to 68.
Just recently, Dumaguete PNP was cited as the top performing unit among all City Police Stations in Negros Oriental following a stringent evaluation of performance during the 3-day Simultaneous Anti-Criminality Law Enforcement Operations by the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office including as the Top Performing Police Station in Accomplishments on Anti-illegal Drugs Operations and Loose Firearms.