The Office of the City Administrator provides the steps on how applicants process their business permits through the City’s Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) in a simplified and cost-efficient manner since most of the concerned agencies are present in one location.
1.Secure a copy of the Unified application form with complete list of requirement from the Business Permit Section
2.Register your business with DTI to gain the exclusive rights to use your business name
3.Get a barangay clearance before the Office of the Punong Barangay where your business is located
4.Secure a locational clearance from the City Planning and Development Office
5.Obtain a sanitary/health permit from the City Health Office
6.Get a clearance from the Environment and Natural Resources Office
7.Acquire the Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Annual Safety Inspection before the City Engineer’s Office of Office of the Building Official
8.Get the City Treasurer’s Clearance
9.Secure the Pest Control Clearance from the City Veterinarian’s Office
10.Obtain a Fire Safety Certificate from the City Fire Department
11.Get clearances from the BIR, SSS, PHILHEALTH and PAG-IBIG
12.Have your documents notarized
13.Submit complete set of documents to the Business Permit section for review and verification
14.Business permits will be issued once approved and signed by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo