2020, the year that was, brought out the best and the worse in us.
The brave-hearted were the frontliners, namely: the medical/health workers, all the other workers in government that sustained and continued the delivery of basic services and kept the bureaucracy going, the civilian volunteers who gave their time and money to prevent the spread of covid-19 virus—all of whom risked contamination and even probable death.
The faint-hearted were the know-it-all armchair analysts, the fault-finders, the indifferent who cared only for themselves, the carefree and the careless.
This notwithstanding, we have everything to thank GOD for the year 2020. It made us value life, health, environment, family, friends and neighbors all the more!
On the other hand, we look forward to the year 2021 with hope and enthusiasm for a robust economy, a healthy lifestyle, a more disciplined people and an effective vaccine for everyone.
Though we are not yet over the hill, but I remain steadfast and confident that with a solid team of government workers, frontliners, volunteers that are behind me in the fight against covid-19, the indispensable cooperation of our constituents and the BLESSING of the ALMIGHTY…WE SHALL PREVAIL!
For us in the government service, 2021 will be another year of hardwork, planning and execution of the projects and programs that would catapult our beloved Dumaguete to unprecedented success —for the betterment of the lives of our people — LUPAD DUMAGUETE!