Nine (9) COVID-19 patients have already recovered but 9 new additional cases were also recorded as confirmed by City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla, Thursday evening.
Furthermore, NEGOR-COV 683 the 75-year-old female resident of Poblacion 2 with no history travel has died and cremated today. She was admitted at Silliman University Medical Center.
With this development, there are now 39 active cases, 70 recoveries and 7 deaths from January 30, 2020 to December 10, 2020.
1.NEGOR-COV 618 the 20-year-old daughter of NEGOR-COV 564 from Barangay Bajumpandan
2.NEGOR-COV 638 the 52-year-old house painter from Barangay Balugo and a close contact of NEGOR-COV 555
3.NEGOR-COV 613 the 58-year-old wife of NEGOR-COV 568 from Barangay Calindagan
4.NEGOR-COV 641 the 14-year-old grandson of NEGOR-COV 609 from Barangay Mangnao
5.NEGOR-COV 642 the 16-year-old granddaughter of NEGO-COV 609 from Barangay Mangnao
6.NEGOR-COV 596 the 60-year—old hospital staff and wife of NEGOR-COV 594 from Barangay Candau-ay
7.NEGOR-COV 673 the 80-year-old male resident of Poblacion 2 with no history of travel
8.NEGOR-COV 657 the 65-year-old female resident from Barangay Daro
9.NEGOR-COV 675 the 52-year-old female house helper of NEGOR-COV 657 from Barangay Daro
1.NEGOR-COV 732 the 56-year-old male relative of NEGOR-COV 664 from Barangay Bagacay
2.NEGOR-COV 734 the 21-year-old female relative of NEGOR-COV 665 from Barangay Bagacay
3.NEGOR-COV 735 the 26-year-old female relative of NEGOR-COV 664 from Barangay Bagacay
4.NEGOR-COV 736 the 51-year-old female house helper of NEGOR-COV 664 from Barangay Mangnao
5.NEGOR-COV 737 the 38-year-old driver and close contact of NEGOR-COV 664
6.NEGOR-COV 738 the 60-year-old mother of NEGOR-COV 711from Barangay Pulantubig
7.NEGOR-COV 739 the 31-year-old helper of NEGOR-COV 738
8.NEGOR-COV 740 a 49-year-old female resident of Barangay Camanjac and a frontliner of a private hospital
9.NEGOR-COV 733 the 19-year-old female relative of NEGOR-COV 664
Meanwhile, 19 Persons Under Monitoring (PUMs) tested negative of COVID-19 following the release of the latest batch of RT-PCR swab test results yesterday.