City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla confirms 9 new COVID-19 cases and the recovery of 1 COVID patient based on the newly released swab RT-PCR test results. There are now 42 active cases as of Tuesday evening.
The City’s Inter-Agency Task Force MEID provided the profiles of the new COVID cases, to wit:
1.NEGOR-COV 706 the 25-year-old daughter and close contact of NEGOR-COV 597 in Barangay Talay
2.NEGOR-COV 707 the 37-year-old wife and close contact of NEGOR-COV 674 in Barangay Balugo
3.NEGOR-COV 708 the 25-year-old sister and close contact of NEGOR-COV 674 also in Barangay Balugo
4.NEGOR-COV 709 the 7-month-old son of NEGOR-COV 661 admitted at NOPH
5. NEGOR-COV 710 the 29-year-old son of NEGOR-COV 672 in Barangay Calindagan
6.NEGOR-COV 711 a 28-year-old female health worker of a private hospital and a resident of Barangay Pulantubig
7.NEGOR-COV 712 a 57-year-old owner of a beauty parlor and resident of Barangay Talay admitted at NOPH
8.NEGOR-COV 713 a 37-year-old seaman and resident of Barangay Batinguel who takes care of his father-in-law while undergoing dialysis twice a week at NOPH
9. NEGOR-COV 714 a 69-year-old male businessman and resident of Poblacion 3 with a heart problem
Meanwhile, the latest COVID-19 recovery is NEGOR-COV 593 the 28-year-old employee of a private company and a resident of Barangay Taclobo who was admitted at NOPH for Influenza Like Illness.
All known close contacts of the latest COVID-19 cases have been isolated while contact tracing continues.