Eleven (11) COVID-19 patients, who were found negative in the repeat RT-PCR swab tests are now considered to have recovered based on the results that City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla released today.
However, 2 new COVID-19 cases were also added based on the results confirmed by the Department of Health. Hence, the number of active COVID-19 cases dropped to 26.
1. NEGOR-COV 539 the 18-year-old live-in partners of the son of NEGOR-COV 448 of Barangay Looc
2. NEGOR-COV 538 the 28-year-old daughter of NEGOR-COV 448 also of Barangay Looc
3. NEGOR-COV 614 the 49-year-old wife of NEGOR-COV 564 from Barangay Bajumpandan
4. NEGOR-COV 616 the 14-year-old daughter of NEGOR-COV 564 from Barangay from Barangay Bajumpandan
5. NEGOR-COV 609 the 28-year-old BPO employee and daughter of NEGOR-COV 568 from Barangay Calindagan
6. NEGOR-COV 608 the 20-year-old daughter of NEGOR-COV 568
7. NEGOR-COV 600 the 32-year-old male provincial government employee from Barangay Camanjac
8. NEGOR-COV 565 the 70-year-old female and resident of Barangay Junob
9. NEGOR-COV 598 the 20-year-old son of NEGOR-COV 566 from Barangay Daro
10. NEGOR-COV 619 the 37-year-old health worker and son of NEGOR-COV 595 from Barangay Calindagan
11. NEGOR-COV 618 the 72-year-old male and a resident of Barangay Mangnao
1. NEGOR-COV 660 a 57-year-old male meat vendor and resident of Barangay Banilad and presently admitted at a hospital
2. NEGOR-COV 661 a 35-year-old male government official from a municipality but a resident of Barangay Junob
Meanwhile, 16 Persons Under Monitoring (PUMs) were found negative of COVID-19 following the release of the latest batch of RT-PCR swab test results.