Personnel from the Philippine National Police, Discipline Zone, Traffic Management Office and barangays officials will be deployed in the various Quarantine Control Points or QCP to intensify the enforcement of local health protocols to prevent more COVID-19 infections.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo ordered the reactivation of the QCPs in strategic locations of the city enforce or even apprehend those who won’t be wearing face masks/face shields and prevent mass gatherings and overcrowding.
The curfew will also be strictly enforced including the ban on drinking in public.
Concerned citizens can report violations of quarantine protocols to the Dumaguete City PNP with these numbers: Police Community Relations Section 09531057903; Intelligence Section 09753467819 or thru landline numbers 225-1766 and 166.
City Ordinance No. 65 provides that all persons who go out of their houses or residences, whether in contact with other persons or not, are required to wear protective mouth covering at all times
Section 5 states that any violation will incur the penalties of a fine of P 3, 000.00 and suffer an imprisonment of ten (10) days for every count.
Noting that the sudden and unusual increase in the number of COVID-19 cases have been traced to have principally infected members of the same families, thus everyone is enjoined to be more vigilant and dutifully observe the health protocols even while within the confines of their homes.
The recently issued advisory of Mayor Remollo also stressed that in this holiday season, everyone is warned to avoid parties, reunions, mass gatherings and celebrations that would entail crowding and sharing of food and drinks especially beyond the curfew.