Three (3) COVID-19 patients have recovered but 1 new case was confirmed including one death based on the disclosure of City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla today. The active COVID-19 cases are now down to 35.
In her report, Dr. Talla provided the profiles of the COVID-19 cases:
1.NEGOR-COV 574 the 61-year-old male provincial government employee and resident of Barangay Buñao
2.NEGOR-COV 602 the 49-year-old wife of NEGOR-COV 601 of Barangay Batinguel who was confined at ACE Hospital
3.NEGOR-COV 545 the 47-year-old female resident of Barangay Junob who took care of her brother while admitted in a private hospital
NEW COVID-19 CASE: NEGOR-COV 656 the 27-year-old male resident of Barangay Camanjac and a private hospital employee
DECEASED COVID CASE: NEGOR-COV 643 a 46-year-old street sweeper and resident of Barangay Junob
The City Health workers are conducting massive contact tracing to further identify and isolate those who may have had contact with the new confirmed COVID-19 cases.