City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla confirms 9 new COVID-19 cases and the recovery of 4 COVID patients based on the newly released swab RT-PCR test results. There are now 38 active cases as of Tuesday evening.
Specifically, the City’s Inter-Agency Task Force MEID provided the profiles of the new COVID cases and those who have recovered, to wit:
1.NEGOR-COV 638 a 57-year-old house painter and resident of Barangay Balugo, a close contact of NEGOR-COV 555 from Valencia town
2.NEGOR-COV 639 the 17-year-old grandson of NEGOR-COV 595 and resident of Barangay Calindagan
3.NEGOR-COV 641 the 14-year-old grandson of NEGOR-COV 618 and resident of Barangay Mangnao but admitted at NOPH
4.NEGOR-COV 642 the 16-year-old granddaughter of NEGOR-COV 618
5.NEGOR-COV 643 a 46-year-old street sweeper, a resident of Barangay Junob presently admitted at NOPH
6.NEGOR-COV 644 a 60-year-old resident of Barangay Banilad currently admitted at NOPH
7.NEGOR-COV 645 a 4-year-old girl from Poblacion 2 and close contact of NEGOR-COV 555 from Valencia town
8.NEGOR-COV 646 a 39-year-old supervisor of a local cooperative and a resident of Barangay Balugo but admitted at NOPH
9.NEGOR-COV 647 a 22-year-old dialysis patient for 1 year and confined at Holy Child Hospital
1.NEGOR-COV 556 a 61-year-old meat butcher and resident of Barangay Junob
2.NEGOR-COV 566 a 60-year-old female provincial government employee and resident of Barangay Daro
3.NEGOR-COV 567 a 28-year-old male health worker and resident of Barangay Daro
4.NEGOR-COV 595 a 72-year-old vegetable vendor in the public market and a resident of Barangay Calindagan
Dr. Talla and her team are still conducting diligent contact tracing to isolate the close contacts of the active COVID cases and provided food relief packs to the affected families in coordination with the barangays.