In a meeting with the 30 Punong Barangays, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has instructed his staff to coordinate with the City Social Welfare so that the distribution of the next round of 25 kilos rice subsidy will be done house-to-house starting December.
Mayor Remollo said that the rice subsidy is intended to provide assistance to the households in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This would be the 2nd time that the City Government will distribute 25 kilos of rice per household. Previously, the City Government also provided 5 kilos per household in 3 rounds through the barangays.
The Punong Barangays are asked to submit until Friday (November 27) the list of qualified recipients with Identification Cards per household in their respective barangays.
For this particular round of rice distribution, Mayor Remollo provided the following guidelines:
1.Every household in Dumaguete City (SAP or non-SAP) is entitled to 1 sack (25 kilos) of rice from the City Government
2.Both registered or non-registered voters are qualified to receive the rice subsidy provided that they belong to an actual household in Dumaguete City
3.The concerned Barangay Captains will submit a list of certified recipients with attached copies of IDs to the Office of Mayor Remollo ASAP
4.The City Mayor’s Office will provide a distribution schedule per Barangay and Purok
5. A Task Force to include of members of the Barangay Council will conduct the house-to-house delivery of rice subsidy
Mayor Remollo said that the objective of the new rice distribution scheme is to ensure that qualified households will receive the assistance in a more orderly manner, avoid mass gathering and prevent transmission of COVID-19.
Every household is advised to wait for the schedule of rice distribution of their barangay.