Get to know the accomplishments and plan of action of the City Anti-Drugs Abuse Council to combat the illegal drugs trade to build a safer community.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has strengthened his partnership with the DILG, City Social Welfare and Development Office, City Health Office, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, Philippine National Police, Civil Society Organizations and other allied agencies to coordinate the efforts in preventing the proliferation of illegal drugs in the community through massive information drive, law enforcement, prosecution, rehabilitation and reintegration to society.
Among the speakers in today’s forum are Mayor Remollo, City Chief-of-Police Lt. Col Mark Gifter Sucalit, City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla, City Social Welfare Officer Lilibeth Filipinas and City DILG Officer Christopher Pastor.
In the City Government alone, periodic and random drug tests are conducted to more than 2, 000 officials and employees to ensure a drug-free workplace and to provide drug dependents a chance to be rehabilitated before they are hired again.
This year’s observance of the Drugs Abuse Prevention Control week adopted the theme: “Better Knowledge, Better Care.”