City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla has released the timeline of the elderly couple who tested positive of COVID-19.
Both NEGOR-COV 426 and NEGOR-COV 427 traveled together to the towns of Zamboanguita and Dauin. They are under strict isolation and monitored by health workers.
OCTOBER 17, 2020 – Couple attended morning mass at Dauin Cemetery via private vehicle and returned to their residence in Barangay Buñao Dumaguete City
OCTOBER 18, 2020- Couple stayed at home
OCTOBER 19, 2020 – Visited Dauin Cemetery and attended mass at Zamboanguita Cemetery via private vehicle in the morning
OCTOBER 20-28 – Both were asymptomatic
OCTOBER 29, 2020- Husband went to the City public market in the morning experienced onset of fever in the afternoon while wife was asymptomatic
OCTOBER 30, 2020 – Husband stayed at home still with fever had cough and colds while wife remained asymptomatic.
OCTOBER 31, 2020 – Husband stayed at home and symptomatic. Wife went to public market in the morning, she started to experience headache and tiredness, and was rushed to a local hospital
NOVEMBER 1, 2020- Husband still symptomatic. Wife remained at the hospital
NOVEMBER 2, 2020 – Husband stayed at home and still symptomatic. Wife was still at the hospital and experienced loss of appetite.
NOVEMBER 3, 2020- Husband still symptomatic. Wife was discharged from hospital and asymptomatic
NOVEMBER 4, 2020- Both stayed at home. The husband still symptomatic. Wife had lost sense of taste with dry cough
NOVEMBER 5, 2020- A call center health worker informed the barangay nurse of the absence of the couple’s daughter, which prompted an investigation. Hence, it was learned that the family was on home quarantine without the knowledge of the BHERT
NOVEMBER 7, 2020- Husband had no fever, but still had dry cough and was prescribed medicine. Wife stayed at home experienced tiredness and loss of taste.
NOVEMBER 8, 2020- Husband was asymptomatic and wife had fever
NOVEMBER 9, 2020- Couple was swabbed
NOVEMBER 10, 2020- Both were asymptomatic
NOVEMBER 11, 2020- Both tested positive of COVID-19 and remain in isolation