The Local Finance Committee reports on the fund utilization of BGCM to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pursuant to the priorities of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Chairperson of the City’s Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the following ongoing programs, projects and activities at P 32 million, to wit:
1. Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment;
2. Procurement of Reagents;
3. Procurement of Medicine and Vitamins;
4. Procurement of Disinfectants
5. Food, transportation (including fuel) and accommodation expenses of medical personnel and other LGU personnel directly involved in the implementation of COVID-19 related PPAs and expenses for 3, 500 health workers and other frontliners;
6. Food assistance and other relief goods for 30, 000 affected households (rice at 25 kilos distributed to affected households)