Following the recovery of NEGOR-COV 204, the City presently has 6 remaining active COVID cases as of October 26, mostly exposed to NEGOR-COV 191, who has already recovered.
City Health Officer Maria Sarah B. Talla released the diagram showing the results of the contact tracing of the city’s active COVID-19 cases.
Of the 6 COVID-19 Cases, repeat swab tests were done on the 5 cases last week, which still showed positive results. All 6 remained under quarantine in different isolation facilities.
Meanwhile, 2 other COVID cases, both gym instructors, although listed under Dumaguete City are not longtime residents here as they are just renting a place.
Both NEGOR-COV 222 and NEGOR-COV 223 have permanent homes in different cities but were exposed to a fellow gym enthusiast NEGOR-COV 195, a 30-year-old daughter of NEGOR-COV 180 and NEGOR-COV 190, all from Pamplona and who have since recovered.