Despite the COVID-19 pandemic the administration of Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo continues to implement infrastructure projects to benefit the people and sustain economic activity as we shift to NEW NORMAL.
Among the major infrastructure projects are:
1. Construction of the first ever 2 full span concrete bridges. Such as the Colon Bridge and the Batinguel- Bagacay Bridge near BIR that if completed these bridges will significantly reduce traffic congestion in the downtown area, ensure the safety of both motorists and residents along the Banica River even during inclement weather and floods
2. Construction of two multi-purpose buildings in Barangay Batinguel to serve as vocation schools and dormitories to be named in honor of Calenica Pal, whose family donated the 1-hecatare lot
3. City’s evacuation center in Barangay Talay with complete amenities such as 106 cubicles for evacuees, adequate number of shower and comfort rooms, a large kitchen and mess hall, breastfeeding and conjugal rooms, children’s play area, a prayer room, administration office, ample parking area and an MRF.
4. Construction of the City’s Satellite hospital also in Barangay Talay
5. The Central Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is almost done. It shall house the equipment that will convert solid wastes into useful byproducts such hollow blocks, plastic chairs and tables
Once operational, the old dumpsite will be closed for good
6. To provide ample space for parking, decongest traffic and ensure the safety of the learners the city constructed setbacks in public schools
7. In partnership with the National Museum, the Old Presidencia has been restored and shall be converted as a regional museum to house artifacts and historical documents and preserve the noble and rich heritage of Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental
8. In support to mass housing projects for informal settlers, the City Government in partnership with Gawad Kalinga and the NHA has invested in the Housing Project for Typhoon Sendong Victims and provided road and water supply for GK Village
9. To revitalize the barangays, the City Government has also partnered with other agencies to build some facilities such as the: Cadawinonan Evacuation Center, Junob Covered Court and Taclobo Mini-Government Center
10. To facilitate the completion of the Metro Dumaguete Diversion Road, Mayor Remollo has directly negotiated with some of the lot owners for the eventual opening and use of their properties as road-right-of-way
And To boost the livelihood of the informal sectors, the city government has organized and relocated Tempura Vendors in Piapi-Bantayan and organized and relocated Tempura Vendors and Massage Therapists at Press Club
11.The ongoing shoreline protection project in the south end of the Rizal Boulevard is on track to protect the homes and establishments from big waves and storm surges as well as provide additional spaces for sports and recreation.
12.And as a testament to Dumaguete’s unique place, the City Government will soon embark on a partnership to build a soaring landmark that will forever change the city’s skyline
All these infrastructure projects and initiatives underscore the strong commitment of the Remollo administration to build a city that is livable and prosperous under the new normal!