Utilizing several heavy equipment, the 4 large concrete girders of the Batinguel-Bagacay bridge near the BIR have already been installed last week.
The builders will soon pour concrete to the retaining walls or backwalls and thereafter the deck that will serve as the roadway of the bridge.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, who is closely monitoring the progress of the project, expressed optimism that the bridge will be completed within schedule so that the people can use the bridge post COVID-19.
The Batinguel-Bagacay bridge and the Colon bridge linking Taclobo and Bagacay, which is nearing completion, are priority projects of Mayor Remollo that are fully funded by the local government.
Mayor Remollo said that once completed the bridges will help reduce traffic congestion in the downtown area, improve the safety of motorists and pedestrians and eliminate the threat of rising flood water inundating the homes along the riverbank.