Four (4) large concrete girders have been installed to support the deck that serves as the roadway of the bridge. It is a major phase in the construction project that is fully and locally funded by the City Government.
The builders of the Batinguel-Bagacay bridge near BIR reports a 45% accomplishment in the construction of the infrastructure project, which is among the top priority projects of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, to ensure the safety of all motorists and residents living along the Banica riverbank during inclement weather and flood.
The next step is the pouring of concrete to the small retaining walls or backwalls that will support the approach slabs and hold back the embankment under the approach slabs.
Another ongoing infrastructure project is the full span concrete bridge in Colon Street at the back of Foundation University, which like the bridge near BIR is also fully funded by the City Government.
The construction of the two bridges are among the priority projects of Mayor Remollo to decongest traffic and improve the safety of motorists and pedestrians especially against the threats of floodwaters from Banica River.
Mayor Remollo said that once completed the bridges will help reduce traffic congestion in the downtown area, improve the safety of motorists and pedestrians and eliminate the threat of rising flood water inundating the homes along the riverbank.