All COVID-19 frontliners including City Government workers, who reported to work while Dumaguete was under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) for the entire month of April, collect their hazard pay beginning today.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo said that the grant of hazard pay is in recognition to the hard work and dedication of the government workers and employees who rendered service amid the threat of the COVID 19 pandemic just so that our trash continue to be collected, vital services of the local government remain accessible, infrastructure projects continue to be implemented, COVID-19 regulations are enforced and the health of both the residents and visitors are not compromised or threatened by the coronavirus.
The release of the hazard pay came days after Mayor Remollo announced the approval of P 18. 5 million by the City Council to fund the incentive to all regular, casual, job order and project-based workers at P 500/day for each qualified employee.
The release of hazard pay for qualified employees will resume tomorrow afternoon.