City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla confirms that the 4 contacts of COVID Case No. 6 (82-year-old woman, resident of Cadawinonan and who died at NOPH last July 26) and 2 persons who are under quarantine for showing symptoms of Influenza Like Illness (ILI) tested negative in the RT-PCR tests based on the results released Saturday night.
All six individuals were swabbed last Thursday, they are:
1. Female, neighbor of COVID Case No. 6
2. Male, neighbor of COVID Case No. 6
3. Female, Passenger of the son of COVID Case No. 6
4. Female, ILI from Barangay Candau-ay
5. A minor, ILI from Barangay Bagacay
6. Female, City Health Worker who took the swab sample
Out of abundance of caution, even if they tested negative in RT-PCR, they need to complete the period of quarantine before they can be released back to their families.