The Philippine National Police will intensify the apprehension of violators of the mandatory use of mouth coverings as required under Section 4.A of Ordinance No. 65 Series of 2020 otherwise known as COVID-19 Prevention Measures Ordinance of Dumaguete City.
Section 4.A of City Ordinance No. 65 provides that all persons who go out of their houses or residences, whether in contact with other persons or not, are required to wear protective mouth covering at all times
Section 5 states that any violation will incur the penalties of a fine of P 3, 000.00 and suffer an imprisonment of ten (10) days for every count.
In imposing this mandatory compliance, the City Government declares that “it is in the interest of Dumaguetenos to realize that any of us could be a carrier of the virus, and with the lack of test kits, we would never know whether or not we are. It is therefore prudent for each and every one take precaution in our dealings.”